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About Creepy Halloween Images is a free library containing 100's of great quality halloween related images and clipart. The images all ready for instant download and use on things like web pages and printed items. If you can't find answers to your questions on this page then please feel free to contact us, we are happy to help where we can.

Terms of Image Use

By downloading and using material from this site you agree:

1) Original Images on this site are licensed free of charge in return for a link back to this site or attribution of this site as the source if the images are in printed designs.

2) If you make use of the images on your website then just place a link back to somewhere on your site. You can make the attribution anywhere on the same page the image is used, alternatively you can 'stamp or 'watermark' the attribution onto the image if that is more suitable to your use.

3) Copyright of the original images remains with the image owners. All Images are provided without warranty, no liability will be taken for losses arising from the use of the images.

4) You may not sell or redistribute these images on other photo sharing sites. (this term excludes the normal and acceptable "stock/clipart use" of these images when they used as part of website designs and creative works which are redistributed in printed or electronic from)

5) Don't do evil, nor practice in any material way, black magic.



Why are you giving the images away? is supported by advertising, in using the images (and crediting as required in the terms) you will be supporting the hosting of this site, enabling us to bring you more great images.

Are the images watermarked?
The full sized downloads from this site (free of charge) do not contain a visible watermark. The images are tagged invisibly with data which allows us to track their use online, and maintain our copyright over the images.

Can I change the images?
Yes you can (amongst other things) resize, crop and manipulate the images i.e. photoshop. change colours etc.

Can I hot link directly to the images on this site? Can I upload the images to another photosharing site?
NO, you can only link to the home page of the site. You may not redistribute the images.


What people said...

"Great looking site"

"clipart without banners"

"not the usual odd halloween clip art that you can find on 1001 other sites"



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